Monday, March 7, 2016

Class Updates - 07/03/16

Haaaay there 301!!!

1. 2 more papers to go! 

I know adapting to a 2 weeks long exam period is quite tough ah cause I feel so too. But don't give up guyzz it is okay we can do this~ Remember the growth mindset we went through during CE lesson? Stay positive, stay resilient through this obstacle and remember that even if we don't score well, IT IS OKAY THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT TIME TO TURN THE TABLES AROUND!!!!

2. Homework Scribe

From tomorrow onwards, we will go according to register number (starting from 1) to take down the homework required and the submission dates. I understand that some of you keep track very diligently of the day's homework and kindly post the list onto the class whatsapp group. Kudos to you guys! But I feel that we should not trouble these kind souls everyday every hour asking 
'ay Boberino what's the HW ah'
'ayyy Boberino sorry ah can send again ah'
'ayy Boberino I forgot please send again'
Cause I see this happening a lot and believe that if we assign a scribe everyday instead, then if one wishes to check the homework for the day, he/she can simply check the blog.
Scribe of the day, please try your best to post up the homework before 7pm or else request a friend to do it for you.
We will reset every term to prevent any confusions. E.g. T3W1, register 1 starts again (lol sorry)


Please be responsible to take note of your duties each day to ensure a conductive environment for the class. Ms Tan already warned the class today and will not hesitate to take further action if we continue to fail to abide by this. Sorry if the image is blur, I will create a hardcopy of this and post it on our class notice board:D 

Alright, that is it from me~
Hope you guys have a great week ahead!!!
Thank you for your patience:DDD